About Kytra's Keepers

Kytra (Kit-TRAH) is the owner of Kytra’s Keepers, which provides high-quality, unique macramé products to those looking for the best bohemian vintage home decor. Kytra has many years of macramé experience and a passion to create a Keeper unique as you.

She crafts diverse one-of-a-kind macramé products, with the goal of providing unique and beautiful works of art to the world. Each piece is hand-tied and made with love, which makes every new Keeper as rare as the last.

Since graduating from USC in 2014 and receiving her Bachelor’s in IT and Associate’s in Business, she has been following her passions and steadily mastering the art of macramé through hand-making thousands of pieces for people all around the world.

In 2021 she and her partner also co-founded a business, The Hempire. Together they handcraft USDA Certified Organic CBD products with the purpose of providing the best quality medicine you can find on the market.

Kytra has a passion for hiking, painting, yoga, and kayaking. She loves spending quality time with her partner Sam and her dog Lucy. The three of them can often be found exploring the Pacific Northwest.